A Pastor’s Perspective 01-25-2022

Well, they say the first day is the toughest.   The Pastor Search Team (PST) challenged us to 40 days of prayer.  Most of us began praying the day we heard John was retiring.   Our prayer….. “Lord, you know what we need, we need a pastor who…..”.  Seems that prayer needs to be restructured with something called “Holy Indifference”.   The email you received Sunday from the PST (via Sara) encouraged each of us to begin Day 1 by putting our agenda aside (abandon our own) and seeking God’s will for our next pastor.   Day 1…..is always the toughest, isn’t it!

It is hard to surrender our wills…especially when we feel we know what’s best.   Jesus’ surrender of will was a life and death choice.  This surrender we make in praying God’s will not ours is also about a life, the life of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  It’s about your life and my life as we prepare to receive the pastor the church needs, not necessarily the one you or I want.   To move away from what we “want” to what we “need” and what God wills, requires our hearts and our wills to be aligned with His.

Putting our trust in God in this process is no different than the trust we place in Him each day.   The difficult part is simply letting go and trusting Him.  Putting aside our agendas for a pastor and the process is hard.   But, “holy indifference” is vital for our church, for our families and our future.  Why should this show of “faith” be any different than our surrendering our wills when considering family, business, church or personal decisions?  It shouldn’t.  Remember, surrendering our wills is not simply letting go.   That would have us shooing away God and simply saying, “You’ve got this God.”   He wants us to join Him in this faith journey as we seek the pastor He has for us.  We journey together in prayer and faith.  Together with God, the PST and our brothers and sisters in Christ we’ll arrive at that day of celebrating our new pastor.

I encourage you.  Take time to pray.   Pray over these next 40 days.   Use the guide you receive.   The most important day….is the first.   “God, your will be done, not mine.”

I’m looking forward with anticipation to praying alongside you and seeing God at work.