A Pastor’s Perspective 01-18-2022

As I have grown in my faith, I’ve been drawn more and more to the Old Testament. I hope to write my dissertation on Ezra-Nehemiah and thoroughly enjoyed studying for my Judges class on Wednesday evenings. Matt Chandler once pointed out that these books take us “to the deep-end of our faith.” These books force us to find the application and determine how they should affect our life and thinking. The application is not readily available, and the reader is met with some difficult ideas and narratives.
These books help us see how God works in the background. We see God’s hands moving in ways people do not suspect or even realize. In the book of Judges, God is working with the nation of Israel while they are leaderless.
What does this have to do with us? We stand in a time when we do not have a senior pastor. The angst of looking ahead while working in the present can be tricky. The uncertainty of the future while holding on to the past can feel like standing on a tightrope. The historical narrative of Judges stands as a staunch reminder of many different theological themes, but there are two which are particularly applicable.
First, Israel claimed to be without a king, while missing God was their king. Seeing God’s continued faithfulness when earthly leaders are absent is meant to remind us who is our real leader. God’s purpose and vision will, and has, continued forward. While we stand in the interim, we cannot miss the fact that the real leader of the church is eternally present. Snyder has continued to move forward and is accomplishing God’s mission!
Second, earthly leaders matter, A LOT. Judges contains the first parable recorded in the Bible (9:7-15). In short, this parable reminds its hearers that they can choose their earthly leader. God will allow them to pick the leader they want and remind them not to settle because settling for a lousy leader has dire consequences.
I am thankful for Snyder’s continued faithfulness toward God’s vision and purpose. During this interim period, we are moving forward in the same direction. Second, as we begin to pick our new senior pastor, we need to remember that we cannot settle. The first step is your presence on Sunday morning for our first conversation. Who we pick as our next senior pastor matters A Lot, and I pray that every voice is heard. (You can also come to our Judges study on Wednesdays if you would like)
God Bless, Jon