Take It With You 12.19.2021

Christmas Prayer for Perfect Love

Elohim, Creator of all ~
You made us and delight in showing us Your earthly gifts ~ the crisp winter chill, the perfectly blue sky, a colorful pansy, sincere laughter and honest tears, heartfelt words and careful remembrance. We long to feel Your presence and to hear Your affirmations and to experience You in all our moments. We desire to reflect Your generosity in acts of goodness and offerings of love. O come let us adore You . . . Rejoice! Rejoice!

LORD, in our desire to be more like You, we reveal our humanity, with all our flaws and frailties. Despite our gestures, offerings, and intentions, You alone are Perfect Love. You see the weary heart we miss in our hurry. You embrace the wounded soul we forget in our celebrations. You hear the silent prayers of brokenness we simply ignore. Cast out our sin and enter in, be born in us today!

Prince of Peace, You know our deepest aches, the ones betrayal silences and grief shatters and failure shouts. You know our greatest weaknesses, the ones affluence tries to hide and abundance pretends to conceal, the fear that deceives and the doubt that mocks, the uncertainty which lingers and the emptiness which suffocates. O rest beside the weary road, and hear the angels sing!

Emmanuel, God with us, I come on bended knee, yearning for Divine Love that came to earth centuries ago yet dwells here still in Spirit, in truth, in hope, in me. I find the sacred place within my soul created by You alone. You call my heart to rest, to find shelter in the Love Most High. You hear me, heal me, hold me. Perfect Love, You wear the righteous robe of Amazing Grace and invite me to sit at Your table. O come to us, abide with us, our Lord, Emmanuel.

~ Donna Oswalt