1, 2, 3, WOW!!!!

That is what the Kenyan teachers have their students do when there are visitors in the classrooms. Sometimes they say, ‘1, 2, 3, You are the best!’ After today, I certainly agree with that sentiment! We had the blessing of seeing all but 5 of our ‘primary school’ children today, and were able to give them the gifts that you provided for them! Thank you all! Most of the young children were very excited about their gifts, and the excitement showed on their faces. Some of the older children were almost stoic in their reactions.

Julia had a great idea today, and so she provided paper for each child to write a thank you note to their sponsor as soon as they had received their gift and had their pictures taken. The pictures are priceless! We commented often about what good artists the children are! One little boy, Alvine, took a looooooooongggggg time to do his picture, but then we were told that he is only 4. It brought us so much joy to watch the children draw and write their thank you notes!

Alvine, new sponsored child of the Ervin Class

We had lunch, then visited a little bit while we waited for John, our driver, to come and get us. Phyllis, one of the social workers at Bondeni, was beside herself with excitement when she said she had something to show us. So we walked through water, and out the back door of the school to the kitchen. She said that last year’s team, John Crenshaw, Joe Royo, and Donna Meadows, had made it possible for them to have 2 new ‘modern’ gikos. A giko is a cooking stove! These two new stoves are impressive!

The gikos provided by last year’s group

We ate dinner at the Food Loft at Yaya, which is right next door to Grace House. We are back now and relaxing, and I am leaving in a few minutes to go pick up Toni and Truman! I can’t wait to have our team all together!

Thank you, Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, for your love and support, prayerfully and financially! In the words of the children of Mathare, ‘You ARE the BEST!’

We love you!

Kenya Mission Team (more pictures below)

Margaret and Peter the Headmaster

Lisa pulling Sarah the social worker


Carl and Sharon