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Activities Include: Mass Choir Rehearsals and Sectionals
Interactive Games during breaks
Box Lunch Fellowship Time
Buffet Dinner
Mini-Concert by Featured Youth Choir
Grand Concert with 200 Voices and Chamber Orchestra
Repertoire: Title, Composer Publication Number
Words of Life, Red Daybreak, 08743556
My Heart, Your Bethlehem, Gaines & Schram Lorenz 10/3997L
He Is the Everlasting God, Martin Lorenz 10/2167M
With Songs of Rejoicing, Bach, arr. Hopson Carl Fischer, CM 8086
To Love Our God, Hayes Hinshaw, HMC1576
My Alleluia, Sorensen Shawnee Press 35028090
(all pieces to be memorized before the Festival)


 9:15 am Registration begins
9:45am Welcome & Devotion
10:00am Ice Breakers/Devotion
10:30am First Mass Rehearsal
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm Second Mass Rehearsal
3:45pm Third Mass Rehearsal
5:15pm Supper
6:30pm Concert

Youth Choir


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Fall 2015 

Day Date Time   Event
Sun Aug 23 4:30-6:10pm Youth Chor KickOff
Sun Aug 30 5:00-6:10pm   Rehearsal
    6:15-7:15pm   Ice Cream Social
Sun Sept 6 No Rehearsal
Sun Sept 13 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Sept 20 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Sept 27 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Oct 4 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Oct 11 8:00am   Warm Up
    8:40am   Sing in 840am Svc
    9:30am   Rehearse in Sanctuary
    10:00am   Breakfast/Devotion
    11:00am   Sing in Worship
    5:00-6:10pm   Rehearsal
Sun Oct 18 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Oct 25 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Nov 1 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Nov 8 8:00am Warm Up
8:40am Lead Worship in 840am Svc
9:30am Rehearse in Sanct
10:00am Breakfast/Devotion
11:00am Lead in 11am Svc
5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Nov 15 4:30-6:10pm Rehearsal (extended)
Sun Nov 22 4:30-6:10pm Rehearsal (extended)
Sun Nov 29 5:00-6:30pm Rehearsal (extended)
Tues Dec 1 6:00-9:30pm   SCT Pre-Dress Reh
Wed Dec 2 6:00-9:30pm   SCT Dress Reh
Thur Dec 3 7:30pm   SCT (arrival times TBA)
Fri Dec 4 7:30pm   SCT (arrival times TBA)
Sat Dec 5 4:00pm
  SCT (arrival times TBA)
Sun Dec 6 4:00pm
  SCT (arrival times TBA)

Spring 2016

Day Date Time   Event
Sun Jan 10 5:00-6:10pm   Youth Choir Reh Resumes
Sun Jan 17 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Jan 24 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Jan 31 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Feb 7 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Feb 14 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Feb 21 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sat Feb 27 9:30am-8:00pm   Segue @ Campbell University
 Sun  Feb 28 10:30am   Warm Up in Sanctuary
    11:00am   Sing in 11am Worship
    5:00-6:10pm   Rehearsal
Sun Mar 6 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Mar 13 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Mar 20 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Mar 27 No Rehearsal
Sun Apr 3 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Sun Apr 10 5:00-6:10pm Rehearsal
Wed Apr 13 7:15-8:30pm   Choir Tour Rehearsal
Fri-Sun Apr 15-17 Spring Choir Tour
Sun Apr 17 7:00pm Homecoming Concert

Other Opportunities

Youth Strings
Steve Kamradt, Director
Marianne Widdows, Assistant Director
Sundays, 4:30-5:30pm
Rehearsals: Oct 11 – Nov 8, 2015
Play in 11am Service: Nov 15
Spring Rehearsals: TBD
Spring Play in 11am Service: TBD

Youth Praise Band

Giles Blankenship, Director
Sundays, 3:45-4:45pm
Fall Rehearsals:  Sept 13 – Nov 22
Spring Rehearsals:  Jan 10 – Apr 10

Steps of Faith

Laurie Morrison, Director
Wednesdays, 5:30pm

Snyder Orchestra

This group is made up primarily of adults, but is open to students with 5 years of experience or by audition. Rehearsals are monthly at 9:30am as announced.


Sundays (September thru March) @ 6:30pm. These are close group communities where we hope to develop deeper bonds of love, accountability, and really dig into God’s love letter. LifeGroups are gender specific. Each LifeGroup will be clustered with age-graded Family Groups that meet in homes around Fayetteville.

Singing Christmas Tree and Youth Choir Tour Requirements

Attendance, Participation and an Acceptable Behavior and Attitude are required for participation in any Youth Choir Event.

All singers who participate in the 2015 Singing Christmas Tree must attend and partiacipate in at least 8 rehearsals (Aug 23 – Nov 15).  The Tree pre-dress and dress rehearsals are required.

All singers who participate in the Spring Tour must attend and participate in 8 rehearsals (Jan 10 – Mar 20).

Arriving more than 10 minutes late for a rehearsal is counted as an absence.

Rehearsal Tracks:  Click here for a link to rehearsal tracks for Spring 2015.

Choir Outfits: The Singers will wear choir shirts (golf shirts) with black pants. Shirts are available for purchase. Price: $20

Snyder Music Academy

We would like all of our choir members to have at least one semester of voice or piano. this can be done through our music Academy. Scholarship assistance (up to 50%) is available for the first semester of lessons for any active choir member. Contact the Music Academy for applications and information.
( or 484-1041)

Other Youth Choir Events



(pronounced: seg-wey): to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly.

Saturday, February 27; 9:30am – 8:00pm @ Campbell University

A one day, high energy event fo youth choirs who are transitioning to the next level of ministry. Music selections are very accessible for beginning and i ntermediate level choirs. This experience will provide the interaction and inspiration students need to launch their choir ministry to “higher ground”.

Rehearsal Tracks:  Click here for a link to rehearsal tracks for the Singing Christmas Tree.  You can also pick up a rehearsal CD at any time.


July 17-24, 2016

This is an optional activity for youth singers in grades 9-12. Their purpose is to support and encourage youth choir ministry in North Carolina churches by offering worship through performance opportunities, musical development and leadership development while striving for excellence in musicianship, resulting in changed lives. Audition dates TBA. Scholarship for students who are selected (or returning) is TBD. (






Youth Choir Tour

April 15-17, 2016


haiti bkgrd cropped

Youth Choir Mission Trip

June 11-18, 2016

(9th thru 12th Grades)


Welcome and thank you for being a part of the Youth Choir at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  We have a tradition of excellence and a high expectation for each singer/member to become involved and participate, giving their best effort.  It is an honor to be in one of the premier Church Youth Choirs in the state of North Carolina.  With this continued striving toward excellence, we honor not only our tradition and heritage, but we give glory to Christ, our reason for singing.  By your participation in the Snyder Youth Choir’s rehearsals, presentations, and events, you are agreeing to be an active, helpful part of this unique experience and this group of fellow student singers who are reaching toward the high goal of excellence and integrity.

1. PRAY:  Most importantly, we sing for the perfect, Divine audience, God Himself.  Pray that your heart will be centered on Him and that our song will be a “sweet, sweet sound in His ear”… as our theme chorus states.  The Snyder Youth Choir is a church choir and exists for Christian purposes.

2. PRAISE & PREACH:  Praise Him with your heart, soul, mind, body and VOICE!  Our efforts are two-fold. To give God praise [as individuals and as a choir] and to share the Gospel of Christ.  In doing so, we are edified and strengthened as believers and His kingdom increases.  He is the object of our worship; our music presentation is the means to that end.  He deserves our best.

3. PUNCTUAL:  We are on time to rehearsals and presentations.  This helps us be as productive as possible with our rehearsal time and forms the habit of punctuality that will be helpful through your adolescent and adult life in everything you do.

4. PARTICIPATE:  We are committed to participation…this means we SING!!  Every person in the Snyder Youth Choir is important and an integral part of the whole.  Attend regularly and sing.  We need you and your voice…both are very important to the success of Youth Choir.

5. POLITE:  We are considerate of our peers.  Students are in Youth Choir to be a part of something great and will be proud of themselves for their achievement.  All students who participate by bringing maximum effort will enhance the choir experience for their friends and fellow singers.  We are not interested in wasting each other’s time or being disruptive. Talking during work times or continued misbehavior is not helpful to the group. You are important and your energetic SINGING input is valuable.

6. PREPARED:  We are prepared to sing for each presentation.  The Snyder Youth Choir sings regularly through the year in worship at our home church as well as for outings, trips and tours.  We memorize our presentation music.  It is impossible to sing from memory if we are not prepared.  To be prepared, you must come to rehearsals and put forth maximum effort to learn the music.  Additional work outside of the rehearsal is encouraged for memorization, especially for the SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE, SEGUE, and for the year end CHOIR TOUR.  Additional work in addition to rehearsals is mandatory for All-State Choir participation.  Misbehavior and incessant talking are not helpful and distract us from reaching our goals.

7. PROCESS:  Here is the process for discipline if a student continually misbehaves:  

— first: the student will be quietly confronted by a team leader or choir officer

— second: the student will be confronted/ “called down” by the director & asked to remain after rehearsal for a discussion, accompanied by a team leader.

— third:  the student will be asked to exit the rehearsal; escorted by a lead team adult. This will result in contacting the parents.

— fourth:  if unacceptable behavior continues, the student will be dismissed from youth choir for the semester/year.  The student and parents will meet with the director, lead team officer, youth minister and pastor.  The student will explain why they should be allowed back into the youth choir.

Click to download a printable brochure:

YthChoir Brochure 2015-16-1


Children’s Choirs meet each week (August—April) from 6:00 until 6:40pm:young musicians

Preschool Threes
Preschool Fours
Preschool Kindergarten
Younger Children 1st Grade
Younger Children 2nd Grade
Younger Children 3rd Grade
Older Children 4th – 6th Grades
Our older children are frequently included in The Singing Christmas Tree. Children in grades 1-6 perform in morning worship 2-3 times each year.
Click here for our Children’s Choir brochure and full schedule.

cropped youth choir in DCYouth Choir is for grades 7-12. They rehearse each Sunday, 5:00—6:10 p.m. in the Music Suite, Room B2040. This group sings for our morning worship services several times each year, participates in special projects such as The Singing Christmas Tree, attends state and national choral festivals, and takes an annual mini-tour each spring. Click here for the full schedule and brochure.

Segue is a one day event for youth choirs who want and need a festival experience but are not ready for advanced choral literature.


Youth Choir Spring Tour:  April 15-17, 2016.



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Youth Music/Mission Immersion Experience
June 11-18, 2016
9th – 12th Grades


The Sanctuary Choir meets every Wednesday, 7:15-8:45 p.m. in the Music Suite, Room B2040. No audition required. This group is primarily responsible for leading in worship each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. The Singing Christmas Tree is produced each year by this choir. They are also featured regularly in concerts.

IMG_27538:40 Worship Team (band, vocal, tech teams) meets every Wednesday, beginning at 7:20 p.m. This auditioned group leads in worship at the 8:40am worship gathering each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall. Contact for more information.

8:40 Worship Choir meets every Wednesday beginning at 7:20pm in Rm B2007. No audition is required. This group leads monthly in our 8:40 Sunday morning worship gathering and in other worship experiences throughout the year. Contact for more information.

Men’s Ensemble is a group of sixteen singers. Participation is open by audition or invitation. The ensemble performs for morning worship and special events. Rehearsals are held on Monday, 12:00 noon, in the Music Suite, Rm B2040.

Group Rehearsal Day Rehearsal Time
Children’s Choirs (3 yrs thru 6th Grade) Wednesdays 6:00 pm
Youth Choir (Grades 7 thru 12) Sundays 5:00 pm
Sanctuary Choir Wednesdays 7:15 pm
8:40 Worship Team and Choir Wednesdays 7:20 pm
Men’s Ensemble Mondays 12 noon